Slipform Concrete Paving

Clarkson Construction lays miles and miles of new highways throughout the Midwest, using the latest technology, and years of experience with concrete-paving slipform machinery.

What is Slipform Concrete Paving?

Slipform concrete paving refers to new road or highway placed by a large 10-30 paver extruding  concrete which ultimately becomes the driving surface.  Clarkson typically places new full-depth concrete pavement, however Clarkson also has the ability to place thin overlays over existing pavement to improve the driving surface and extend the life of the pavement.  Examples of these thin overlay applications can be found on Route D south of M-150 Highway in Kansas City, MO and I-435 and I-35 in Overland Park, KS.

Slipform concrete barrier is another Clarkson Construction specialty.

So, what are the benefits of slipform technology?

Slipform paving is much less labor intensive than cast-in-place paving, making the laying of a mile or more of new road much more achievable. Machinery forms the road as it goes, producing new concrete road at precise, pre-determined dimensions. Clarkson Construction also own wet-batch concrete plants, which allows higher production capacity than a dry-batch operation.

These benefits result in Clarkson offering faster completion, and a more accurate and consistent final product.

Our Slipform Concrete Paving Projects in Kansas City

Almost any interstate or state highway system you’ve driven in Kansas City, Clarkson has probably paved it at one point in time, including:

  • Johnson County Gateway Phase 2
  • Grandview Triangle
  • I-435 from State Line to Metcalf
  • I-435 from Quivira to Antioch
  • 69 Highway from 75th St to 119th St
  • And many more

Please contact Clarkson Construction today for more information about our slipform concrete paving services.