Clarkson Builds Highways

From early inroads to major interchanges, Clarkson has history here.

Since the 1880s, Clarkson Construction has been a part of the region, constructing some of the first major roadways in the area. Beginning with the Federal Highway Act of 1956, Clarkson has constructed many of Kansas City’s highway systems including long stretches of I-70, I-35, I-29, I-49, I-435, I-470, and I-635 in Kansas and Missouri. Clarkson has been entrusted with these major projects because self-performance is a part of nearly all of the following services required to successfully build, maintain or expand our local, state and national roadways:

  • Grading/Site Development – Ensuring the highway is built on a solid, long-lasting foundation by crews with experience.
  • Concrete Paving – Concrete Paving – Using state-of-the-art slipform machinery and Clarkson’s own batch plants, thousands of miles of local roads and interstate highways have been paved by Clarkson.
  • Bridge Construction – From the substructure and superstructure of a bridge, down to the MSE walls, Clarkson Construction performs 90 percent of the labor for most bridge construction projects.
  • Sewers – Storm sewers and drainage systems are another of Clarkson Construction’s specialties.

For all of our heavy construction projects, Clarkson works to locally source all sand, cement and aggregate materials that make up the concrete. When other materials like granite are requested, Clarkson uses trusted out-of-town suppliers. Longstanding relationships like these allow Clarkson to accurately meet time frames and budgets.

Highway Construction Projects


It would be a challenge to travel around the Kansas City metro area and not drive across a highway built by Kansas City’s own Clarkson Construction.

Here are a few examples of why Clarkson Construction is one of the region’s most trusted highway construction companies:

  • Johnson Gateway Project – A $288 million dollar project scheduled for completion in 2017, the Johnson County Gateway Interchange will greatly improve the flow of traffic between I-435, I-35 and K-10.
    For updates on the project, please check out the Johnson County Gateway Project Website.
  • Three Trails Crossing – The Grandview Triangle, connecting I-435, I-470 and U.S. 71 and several local routes, is a major interchange for traffic in the area. Clarkson Construction moved more than 2.5 million cubic yards of dirt and rock and slipformed more than 70 miles of new pavement to complete this staple of the Kansas City highway system.
  • I-435/I-70/US-40 – This major Jackson County, Mo. intersection was rebuilt to improve traffic flow and efficiency.

What They Say About Us:

“I am very proud of the many accomplishments we we’re all able to achieve on delivering the New Christopher S. (Kit) Bond bridge ahead of schedule and under budget. The citizens of Kansas City and all the travelers who use

I-35 benefit from the iconic bridge and the many roadway improvements. This project was MoDOT’s first Design/Build project in the Kansas City region, and leadership of Clarkson Construction Company was instrumental in making the project a success.”

Dave Nichols, Former Director, MoDOT

“I’ve been with the Kansas Department of Transportation for 38 years, and have had a lot of experience with Clarkson Construction. They are very, very good at what they do. They have provided partnership and teamwork on the projects we’ve shared. I have nothing but good things to say about Clarkson.”

Warren L. Sick, Assistant Secretary of State, Transportation Engineer, KDOT

“Clarkson Construction has served Kansas City well as one of the oldest local firms in the city, building our critical infrastructure and contributing positively to the City’s diverse workforce.”

Scott Wagner, Mayor Pro Tem and 1st District City Councilman, Kansas City, MO


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