Power Plant Construction and Fly Ash Removal

While Clarkson can assist with a variety of Kansas City power plant construction projects, we are often contracted for our fly ash removal and associated landfill construction and capping services.

What is Fly Ash?

Fly ash is a byproduct of the coal industry. When coal is burned to generate energy, bottom ash is collected in the kiln, and fly ash is collected in the smokestack. In 2014, the EPA classified fly ash as a hazardous waste material, and therefore it must be disposed of properly.

How Can Clarkson Help?

If a power plant has an uncontrolled fly ash waste site in a dry condition, Clarkson can use its own equipment to collect it and move it to an approved landfill on-site. Clarkson also has the labor and equipment forces to build a new landfill or cap an existing landfill used for fly ash waste.

In the past, some power plants disposed of their fly ash waste into an on-site pond, a practice that the EPA has since regulated. For fly ash waste found in a wet condition, Clarkson can team with a local dredging company to extract the material from the pond, which Clarkson will then dispose of properly.

Can Fly Ash Be Recycled?

While fly ash does have beneficial properties, such as being used as an additive in concrete, and being incorporated into soil to stabilize subgrade prior to paving, the EPA has regulated or likely will regulate its benefits in the future. Right now, properly removing and disposing of fly ash waste is crucial.

Clarkson’s Fly Ash Removal Projects in Kansas City

  • Iatan Power Plant in Platte County, Missouri – For years the largest coal-fired power plant in Missouri, Iatan, dumped their fly ash waste at the bottom of their three on-site ponds. Clarkson has partnered with a local dredging company to extract over 1 million cubic yards of waste from the bottom of the ponds and haul it to an approved on-site landfill.

Please contact Clarkson Construction today for more information about our fly ash removal services.