Water Resource Construction

In 1946, Clarkson Construction helped build the Cedar Bluff Dam in Ellis, Kansas, and a decade later, cleared the site and built the dam for Lake Jacomo in Jackson County, Missouri.

Since then, Clarkson has been actively involved in many of the region’s other efforts to tame its water resources and benefit from them.

Clarkson’s capabilities span the entire range of water resource construction, including dams, levees, lakes and channel improvements.

Clarkson’s Water Resource Construction Projects

Kansas City’s Northeast Industrial Levee (1950) – Put to the test by a devastating flood almost immediately after completion, the levee held firm – protecting what has become of the Midwest’s most valuable industrial centers.

Brush Creek (1977 and 1993) – Clarkson crews were on the scene of the deadly 1977 flood through the Country Club Plaza, and again in 1993 making emergency repairs at the approach to the I-635 Missouri River Bridge.

Missouri River Casinos (1990s) – When the riverboat casino industry came to Missouri in the 1990s, Clarkson turned its expertise to the “boats in the moats” just off the Missouri River. On one casino project, Clarkson was able to proceed with productive work months ahead of final design, and provided an ultimate bottom-line cost roughly 25 percent under budget. For another casino, Clarkson provided a broad array of services: from the Missouri River levee and lock construction for barge entry, to general excavation, drainage and asphalt work – all well in advance of final contracts and designs.

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