June Employee Spotlight: Rudy Schwager

Meghan Jansen News

Rudy Schwager got  his start in the industry by joining the Heavy Constructors Union as a laborer in 2002. During his 15 years at Clarkson, Rudy has worked his way up to Lead Man on Bridge Crew and then to a Superintendent for the Grading Division, a position he has held for three years.

Rudy’s describes his current work at the KCPL Iatan Power Plant/Ash Pond closure as “the most challenging yet” as the crew is continually working to move materials through the mud while keeping them dry.

Rudy has worked on several high-profile Clarkson projects throughout the years, including: Grandview Triangle, 635 bridges over Coal River, and the Gateway Project.

“Clarkson was the first job I had in the construction industry. The reason why I’m still here is I enjoy working with the people who work at Clarkson, and really just enjoy working at the Company itself.”