Employee Spotlight

Meghan Jansen News

Bill has been with Clarkson Construction for 19 years. He was hired as a mechanic back in 1999
and has worked his way up to a shop foreman and then on to equipment manager in 2014.

Bill has close to 27 years of experience working on heavy construction equipment. After his time serving our country in the Marine Corps, Bill began his career by working in a small mechanics shop before joining Clarkson.

Bill credits his team and their communication skills for keeping the more than 400 pieces of equipment that Clarkson owns and maintains in good shape. Operators, supervisors, mechanics and greasers all help keep Bill informed about the condition of equipment.

His favorite part of being an Equipment Manager is that every day is different; he is able to get out on the job sites to “see the crews working together—using their years of combined experience—to make things happen and get the job done.”